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A friend just called to ask if I would look at this camera tomorrow morning. It's being sold locally.
I know how to judge a camera's usability but I'm unfamiliar with this model. Any Pentax MX shooters out there?

Thank You
I own three of these gems in absolutely mint condition. The MX is my all-time favorite non-auto 35mm camera. And, as a longtime sufferer of GAS, believe me when I say I have tried and probably own all competition.
It is solid, small, easy to use, reliable, ergonomical, intuitive, good-looking, accurate and affordable. Did I miss anything?
I have a number of Pentax lenses for it and my Super Programs, but the added functions of the Pentax A lenses aren't used on the MX, since there is no program mode. The Pentax M lenses work just fine, too.
Put the very nice Pentax 40mm 2.8 pancake M lens on it and you have a pocketable rig. A large pocket, mind you, but it makes a tidy outfit. Good for street shooting also.