WellÖIím sorry for making such a provocative post. What I wrote was not something that I came up but I did expect to get some reaction to it.

While plenty of people jump on the bash bandwagon nobody that did offered much or had the intelligence or guts to publicly propose any good definitions if fine art.

I do have alot of respect for the response Roteage left, thanks for stating your opinions without trepidation.

However in response to these bashings I donít think doing a comissioned work of art is in any way at all even close to being similar to creating works explicitly for sale. I donít know how I could have been more specific.

I never defined that all works not created for sale are fine art did I? Please donít put your words in my mouth. However paint by number has been widely exhibited in many galleries.

Iím not sure what was meant by Blansky when he degraded ďthe academicsĒ and their lack of accomplishments? Iím not sure if he means the professors that frequent this site daily or the thousands of very significant artists that have taught their craft at the higher level. --WOW--

If you think I am Satan for saying what I did then you are entitiled to feel this way. I apologize for not following the unwritten apug politically correct statute.