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I am scheduled June 10-15. Hope to see you again.

Thanks for the comment about the alcohol. I use it as a surfactant in making carbon tissue and was just wondering if it had any long term hardening effect. I have not noticed any, but thought I would ask.

Have you though any more about a carbon tissue coater? I just had a real messy session coating with the rod and it made me think of the project.



Alcohols will not harden emulsions. They are mild surfactants, and the activity as a surfactant increases as the number of alcohol groups goes up on a molecule. Glycerine has 2 effects, one as a mild surfactant and another as a humectant. Sorbitol is another alcohol that can be used.

I have not been able to design an inexpensive carbon coater Sandy. Still thinking about it though.

I'll be at the Formulary from the 3rd - 8th teaching. I may be able to stay until you arrive.