I'm happy to report that the First Kansas City APUG photoshoot was a resounding success. We had a 100% turnout, all two of us; myself and Chris Pandino plus Chris' daughter.

Starting out in the City Market, we were treated to some wonderful shots of an authentic 1950 International one-ton produce truck. The owner opened it up so we could shoot the cab interior, all on his own accord. Talking to him, I found out he is the truck's sole owner, having bought it new in 1949.

Next stop was the Liberty Memorial, the largest WWI memorial in the USA. Wonderful view of Downtown KC from there.

Just below the Liberty, is the Union Station. It has been splendidly restore to all its Art Deco splendor. The big surprise of the day was that the Union Pacific railroad had one of its large steam locomotives there, open to the public. The thing was fired up, hissing and pissing. Very hard to get away from that one.

Lunch was classic KC barbeque. Nothing is better. The weather turned near-perfect. Good clouds, good breeze, deep-blue sky.

Our big cameras attracted lots of attention wherever we went. Lots of people stopped and talked to us about them. I was happily surprised that some younger folks thought the Big Dorff and the pretty Shen Hau were really cool. One lady even thanked me for preserving some history as I was lining up a shot on the big locomotive.

I'll be posting my keepers in the Gallery as I get them printed. Many thanks to to Chris for making this happen.