last weekend I developed Kodak 400TMY in pyrocat HD 1+1+100 for 10:30 min at 21C/70F , two rolls in a Jobo 1520, 30sec initial agitation followed by 3 inversions every 30sec, followed by rinsing with water (3 times) and fixing in TF3.

I have done this several times before and liked the results. One of the developers were 400TMY is anything but the ugly duckling it is often said to be. This time the negs came a out a bit to thin and overall a bit flat. Add to this some more general stain than I am used to. I had to crank up the contrast to an unpleasant 75M (about grad. 4), and the highlights look just about right with the midtones becoming unpleasantly contrasty. Maybe I tray graded paper (I have some nice Ilford galerie vintage 1990 sitting on the shelf waiting for such a task) instead of Agfa MCC.

Taking this aside the developer looked very dark, more dark brown than the usual ruby-colour. With a an old Kindermann-tank i noticed much less discolouration of the developer but this one is much more unpleasant to use (takes only 1 roll, needs long to fill/empty).

Is it likely the developer got exhausted by oxidation? Should I agitate less? Move to 2+2+100? How do I adjust my developing time in either case?

thanks in advance