It is certainly apparent to me that there are any number of interpertations in printing a negative. The first time that I saw a 11X14 contact print by Brett Weston I was dismayed. It violated everything that I had chosen to accept by the so called elite of the Zone system mentality. How dare he print something as so low in value that it showed no detail within portions of the image. That was over twenty years ago now and my sensibilities have somewhat improved...(his images certainly haven't changed). He was already dead at that time and his negatives had been destroyed so it is likely that the changes that occurred were within my sensibilities and my ability to appreciate what was there before me then. So to take an example that is posted on the internet, and probably poorly scanned at that, would seem to be poor parameter to be judging "snapshots" on.

Yes, I was talking about craft and while craft can never substitute for artistic expression, it (artistic expression) could not be expressed at all if it were not for craft. A true artist will seek the best possible means available to him or her to express that which is within them. Whether those are what some to deem as inappropriate or inadequate expressions or not. I appreciate the right of all to their opinion. Mine have been a long time in coming and fairly well thought through.

Donald Miller