This one is a though one. Every time I see one of my 12x20 contact prints I wonder why would anybody want to sit behind a screen and do prints? IMO part of the enjoyment of the prints is the creating process, the magic of seeing the print appear. I compare digital to a tv dinner versus a home cooked meal. Both are edible....but somehow putting a tray in the microwave does not feel the same. Like tv dinners which have become quite good (some at least) I see digital becoming better and better, the work by Fokos and Burkholder is a good example. But I think there will always be people who enjoy the process as well as the end result. tv dinners did not do away with restaurants, and I dont see digital doing away with traditional photography, at least as an artistic medium.

I think that the fact that you can press a button and get 1000 prints the same, will elevate those prints made the old fashion way. Much like furniture, pieces made by hand command a much higer price than the ones you buy at any store. It is not that the handmade stuff is necessarily better. I think that people recognize that there is certain amount of love for the craft involved in making something which requires time and effort and care. Although both pieces can be quite beautiful, somehow I think the love for the craft is "transmitted" when one sees a well crafted image or piece of furniture. there is no virtue in difficulty, but there is virtue in loving what you create and seeing the entire process through.