[SIZE="3"][FONT="Arial Narrow"]Some time ago I took bellows design calculations from somewhere and forced them into a spreadsheet. This calculates fold width and basic strip width based on the length, width, no of folds and root / crest sizes you input.
You can use it to model square or rectangular bellows.

Input areas are grey boxes.

Here's my license conditions: I believe resources including design information supporting analogue photography should be FREE. This spreadsheet is therefore FREE for distribution and is not to be re-sold in any form or manner. You may modify it to your hearts content (pm me for protection removal password) but any subsequent software product you make based on this spreadsheet may not be re-sold. Feel free to sell bellows made using the calculator coz I can make my own better than yours anyway

You will need to rename the .txt attachment to .xls for it to work properly.

Disclaimer: I am not a software nerd so don't ask me why your stupid Linux system won't download the fonts or whatever. There were no virii present when I posted this so if you've got one it ain't my problem.[/FONT][/SIZE]

Cheers big ears!
dogzbum thedogzbum@gmail.com