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Diluted Pyrocat - ready to use -should be a very pale pink or peach color. What color was the working developer just after mixing it?

The color after development may not change much, or may shift to a yellow or amber color, depending on the film type.

thank you for your prompt response. The fresh solution was the usual bright, pale pink. After the development it usually is dark ruby red under my conditions. This time it was even darker approaching brown. As I mentioned, the colour of the developer seems to depend a lot on the tank and reels used. I also have a Hayes stainless reel which fits the Jobo, using this reel the developer comes out yellow, using the Jobo-reels it is dark red.

The temperature at the beginning was 20,7C, ambient temperature was 23C, the tank was placed in an empty bath-tub. I can't think of anything that may have driven the temp higher than usual.

Any suggestions?