Many things can be done with artistry: engineering, furniture and cabinet making, cosmetic surgery, cooking; the list can go on and on. Some automobiles were certainly works of art: Mercedes-Bentz in the 1930s and Lincoln Continental a few years later. A few radios from the 1920s showed artistry in both outward construction and electronic engineering. The model 1858 Remington revolver was art in both form and function. If the New York State Empire Building was a work of art (and I certainly consider it so), then the Golden Gate Bridge is also. Early Leica rangefinder cameras were more works of art than most of the photographs made with them.

Of course these are not examples of "fine art." They lack the cachet of certain critics and museums. However, like the much-maligned illustrations of Norman Rockwell, they arouse a special response in attentive people. That should be the goal in any art as it should be in life. "Fine art" can remain a term to be bandied about in idle talk or in merchandising.