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Those who use the word "image" when they really mean "photograph" are usually indulging (consciously or more often, unconsciously) in pretentious and high-sounding languange.
I agree sometimes not usually, except in the media and by those who just sold 20 years of film equipment to buy a $3,000 digital postagestamp picturemaker. Using the word image to describe a photograph, although probably not the best choice, is not necessarily pretentious or strictly incorrect.

Websters: Image 1. a representation of a person or thing. 2. the visual impression of something in a mirror, through a lens, etc. 3. copy 4. a) a mental picture; idea b) the concept of a... 5. metaphor or simile...

Definitions 1-3 apply pretty well to a photograph (1,3) or an aspect of the process(2). It is not until you get to 4 and 5 do the definitions begin to address the 'bigger' meaning of image.