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What do the variables A, B, C, and D represent?
'A' is rear width, 'B' is rear height, 'C' is front width, 'D' is front height and 'L' is max extension length. Setting 'A' = 'B' and 'C' = 'D' gives a square bellows.

It also helps to set 'L' somewhat larger than you require as the calculator does not take into account:
  • Connection method to front or rear standards; and
  • Inability to achieve max extension without losing folds.

I wanted to make the little diagram in the tool dynamic (based on input parameters) but never had time.

BTW the protection password for the tool is dogzbum. It occured to me that some of you may need to modify it for imperial measurements. Remember though that things are always bigger in millimetres.

I'll be posting another bellows tool soon. Cheers! dogzbum