According to the dictionary definition #1 an image is, " a representation of a person or thing." And it implies that a photograph is, as I wrote, "[only] an image of what is pictured." A photograph as work of art is so much more than that. Always.

Cheryl: I was inferring nothing from how you refer to a photograph. What I said was, "Those who use the word "image" when they really mean "photograph" are USUALLY indulging (consciously or more often, unconsciously) in pretentious and high-sounding languange." I said "usually". I did not say "always" and I was not referring to anyone specifically. That has been my experience. I know a number of photographers. I do not believe I have ever heard any of them refer to their photographs as images. But perhaps I have not met the right people. Calling photographs images is something that came out of the colleges, universities, and art schools where photography is taught. It is an academic and high-sounding way of referring to photographs. You, and others may disagree with that, but I have found it to be true, by-and-large.

"Photographic print" is not pretentious in any way. Neither is " picture." Yes, there is an image area, but that is not the same thing as calling a photograph an image. Maybe this is something out of nothing for sure. Hey, I did not start this topic. Only contributed.

To the annonymous noble beast: Real safe and cowardly to hide behind an annonymous name. What I wrote can be seen as so highly principled that some might consider it arrogant. But "pretentious"? Doesn't fit.