That pretense is not always bad. Cheryl's usage has pretense --it is more than common -- and I don't see that as being bad.

Definition for the wore pretense from

The act of pretending; a false appearance or action intended to deceive.
A false or studied show; an affectation: a pretense of nonchalance.
A professed but feigned reason or excuse; a pretext: under false pretenses.
Something imagined or pretended.
Mere show without reality; outward appearance.
A right asserted with or without foundation; a claim. See Synonyms at claim.
The quality or state of being pretentious; ostentation.
My usage doesn't have pretense. None of the above applies to me. I simply choose to use the word 'image' for the reasons I already mentioned. Since when is using a near-synonym pretentious? The problem is, some analogue folks now associate a negative connotation to the word simply because of the phrase 'digital imaging'. No other reason than that. It's a word. It does apply to photography. Sheeesh.