I don't intend to put words in to your mouth, but I will stand by what I said earlier. It fits your description. You offer a pretense or claim -- 'my pictures are not snap shots' -- by using the word image, which you seem to view as having a better connotation than photo.
So, Mr. Callow, you see no negative connotation to the word 'pretense'? Most people do, I think.

Mr. Smith, I also know plenty of photographers, all genres, and very few of them fully speak the word 'photograph.' If I were to continually say 'photograph' in conversation with my clients, they'd think I was an art snob.

I'm curious as to whether those who insist on 'photographs' and turn their noses up at the word 'images' also insist on the superiority of the terms 'automobile', 'horseless carriage', 'permanent wave', and 'bathing costume.'