Herbert Ponting was the photographer on the Scott expedition to the South Pole in 1911. I am in awe at the work of these early photographers in awful conditions....if you google wisely, you'll see a picture of him operating an 8x10 view camera, wearing mittens (finneskos?), with a telephoto lens.

Even more amazing is that he took motion pictures there as well. Afterwards, he built up a talk based on his still pictures and his motion pictures. If you want to see it, see the video/dvd "90 degrees South".(I should add here, that Scott and 4 companions died on the march home from the pole, and Ponting's presentation honors them; if you want to read the details, see "The Last Place On Earth" by Roland Huntford. I also don't mean to slight Amundsen, for the APUG Norwegians.)

But here is documentary, "non-artistic" photography done in horrible conditions. And for roteague I should mention that Ponting wished he could have recorded the wonderful blues in that ice cave. (I hope I'm remembering this correctly - take pity, I'm an old man.)