And "America the Beautiful" was hummed eloquently in the background. Upon the final statement A member of the choir draped the American flag over michael's shoulders. The blazing orange sun slipped beyond the hoizon as quietly as the crowd, wiping tears from their eyes, slowly walked from the gathering.

On a serious note that was well said Michael. Those who make a living from their cameras have my respect.

I am a bit confused by the statements of those who feel commercial photography is of lesser quality. Hell I see plenty of shots that I wish I had the vision necessary to take. Jody Dole is amazing (100% digital these days but I can forgive him). The person or persons who shot the Victorias Secret commercials and subsequent stills has me in Awe. (and I am not being a sexist pig who slobbered over the girls either!)

What is it exactly that people do not like? This question has yet to be answered with anything but silence.