Being a photo whore aswell I can see your point, but don't really see the need to express it in this company.

There are many different kinds of artists. Those that produce "art by the yard" for quick sale at reduced prices, those that price there stuff in the stratosphere because they just feel it's worth it, those that give it away and those that see it more as a business. Each is correct in their own sphere and develop their own criteria for justifying it. Hey we all have to feel good about ourselves at the end of the day.

I think most of the participants on this board are serious amateurs and as such can take whatever high road they wish, as their livelyhood is not dependant on the sale of their art. There's nothing wrong with their opinions it's what is to be expected.

My former wife is an academic. I use to have to go to endless parties where all these PhD's would sit around and pontificate on the moral backruptcy of todays business world. Now this coming from people who either have never worked in the "real" world, or were so maladjusted they couldn't survive. It's easy to rest on your laurels when you don't really have to produce anything anyone wants to pay for. I can only speak to the business faculty, as naturally they wouldn't associate with anyone from the arts.

Michael I know you post a lot of stuff that is tongue in cheek, but the tone of this one is a bit bitter. Having a bad day are we?