I have shot a few rolls with it and developed maybe 3 our of 5 or 6. I have looked at the negatives with a loupe and a 50mm lens backwards and I haven't really noticed problems when I look at the negatives I haven't really noticed but I think that's largely because I haven't printed the ones where it was an issue. It does seem odd though that it stops focus so closely. When I turn the focus dial it does stop at the infinity mark though, unless the part that was mentioned is inside and not related to the scale on the outside of the lens.

I'll see if I can check the negatives out quickly.

One shot that I took included something in the foreground, the bank of the lake I was at plus part of the shore further away that wasn't in focus when I looked but I also stopped down to about f11 or f8 and the negative is in focus. The thing that's weird is that the split prism will just get in focus but not look like it's sharp. I guess I'll just have to shoot some more and figure it out. I didn't know if it might be a common thing or if I should have a different lens instead of the one I have now.

Thanks for the replies so far!