Being the econobox that it is (though still a very good econobox) the prism and all that junk can't be moved. The film is loaded with inserts and not backs/magazines so it'd be a pain in the rear to find out if the film plane image was in focus or not. I really didn't want to use part of my roll of film that I've got now to figure something out but I guess I can do that. I might just go and do that once I finish typing this. I'll shoot as close to 2.8 as possible focused to "infinity" as it says on the lens and see what comes out when I develop them. May take a while though, my next week is spoken for. Stupid college haha. Gets in the way of my creativity.

Thanks again!

and greg, that's one heck of a fun looking microscope for only that price! I'll have to look into that!