Why are we all so hung up on drawing every position in stark black and white with *NO* shades of intermediate gray?

I revel in, and enjoy "fine art" photography... doing what *I* damn well WANT to do - my decision.
If someone came over and offered "X" amount of filthy money for one of my works, I just might accept it. if I did, I would not feel even a tiny bit guilty as a result.

I also do "commercial". I don't consider that an immoral act either. I'll take a photograph that someone else wants me to take, and accept money for it.

I suppose I *could* go out and photograph for the express purpose of selling the photographs ... composing a calendar, for example, of post cards... and selling them. I haven't, and really have no desire to do that - but if someone elses does .... fine with me.

What was the question again?