Isn't "taking a picture" when you go to a gallery and when no one is looking and walk out the door with it.

If the neg is a pregnant and the print is a baby does that make light a sperm and dark an egg.

I think if I ever said "I realize an image", I'd hope I'd realize that I was full of shit. (disclaimer: this is just me not anyone else)

Ain't language great.

The old line, Britain and US two nations divided by a common language.

So there I was walking down the street and lo and behold, before me was the most perfect image I'd ever seen. I whipped out my trusty Deardorff and fired off a few shots and I just knew I'd gotten the perfect capture. I hurried back to my darkroom to realize the image. Unfortunately at the time what I didn't realize was that I had no film in the holders. This is the perfect scenario of a capture and release.