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I was somewhat amused to read in a few of the posts lately about the total disdain for the so- called commercialism of photography.

JDEF, as is his right, believes that virtually any image done for money is somehow crass and derivative, as well as generally boring. What seems to appeal to him is pictures taken in a family environment showing a loving interaction.

Fine that works for me too.

Michael A Smith stated that there are times while driving along, that he saw a vista, but would not stop his truck for it, because he deemed it too commercial for his sensibilities, and he would not sully himself or stoop so low as to take this picture and accept money for it.

We should all be so moral.

I, and a few others here take IMAGES ( I just said that to piss people off) sorry, photographs, that we fully intend to sell to people. We intend to sell as many and in as big a sizes as possible, to as many people as we can. We intend to blow these things up as big as they will go, in order to collect as much money as possible. We fully intend to wear the numbers off these poor unsuspecting soulís credit cards, to squeeze every last ounce of blood from them. And we will smile the whole time.

However we do, and have for years, spent most of our spare time studying and learning everything we can about this craft. We join groups, webgroups, associations, and fraternities to grow and understand this medium. We buy equipment, rent equipment, and build equipment to further enhance our chosen profession.

We are the people who make memories for millions of families for get togethers, weddings, birthdays, or just because they need a reminder of their families at this time in their lives.

We are the people who fill the pages of magazines, newspapers, and text books. We are the people who illustrate the ads for all the products that you hate but still flock to the stores to buy, every single day.

We are the people who shame you onto buying the closet full of clothes that you bought because you didnít think you were worthy, without them.

We are the people who took the pictures that got you into wars and the people that took the pictures that got you out of them.

We are the people who broadened our horizons and went into motion picture making to influence the world with our movies.

We are the people who have recorded history for the world since we first started using this medium, and have collectively recorded most or the people on the planet. Early on we only accepted chickens and goats for our efforts but have since learned that money is better.

We do this every day, prostituting ourselves for the filthy money that we take home to further our obsession. You have no idea at the shame we feel about this. However, we have managed to hold our heads up high, while we pass you on the street, as you go to your jobs, and collect your salaries to feed those same families, that we will one day perhaps prey upon.

Even in our shame, we will happily supply you with our expertise on this medium, so that you can, on the weekends, take out your cameras, and produce photographs, not tainted by commerce, that perhaps will hang one day in the galleries for the morally upright.

We do this so you will have the self- satisfaction in knowing that you practiced your art in a moral and wholesome manner, and never once did you sell out and accept money for your efforts.

We of the commercially unwashed salute you.

Michael McBlane

In the time that I have experienced your presence in whatever small way via this site, I have been left to wonder many times at the arrogant stance that you take in regard to knowing the "answer" as it should be practiced by everyone of the rest of us that don't quite measure up to your elevated view of how things should be.

I acknowledge that you have a right to your viewpoint...whatever that happens to be on any consecutive day or hour or minute. Why won't you allow that same priviledge to everyone else?

Your viewpoint, which I acknowledge, is from primarily a commercial viewpoint. Does that make the rest of us who live on the income from our trust funds and don't give a "rats ass" about ever making a dime from our photographs wrong? (I said "photographs", just to piss you off)

You spout errant H.S about "Zen Mind - Beginners Mind". Spout is about all that I see. I see little of it that has infiltrated your life...at least by virtue of your arrogant, elevated stance.

This psuedo "God Like Bullshit" sickens me.