I respect fashion photographers, but I have no sense of fashion, and do not see the point of a $699.95 (or $50.00 for that matter) piece of clothing.

I respect landscape photographers, but have yet to open an Ansel Adams book and reach the end without a yawn.

I have NO respect for drive-through family portrait type places. I once attempted to work at one of those, but waiting 1+ hrs for the make up to be done, only to have 12 (yes, as in a dozen) shots to take made me sick. It's a character flaw, but I hold myself above that.

I respect portrature, especially when some character shows through the photograph (be it the subjects or the photographers).

I respect some photojornalism. see documentary.

I have NO respect for paparazzi. Once again it's a character flaw. paparazzi-photography lacks style, content, and quality. Not to mention purpose. It exists merely for the sake of greed. I despise it.

I hold documentary photography in very high respect. To me, it's putting the medium to good use. Tell a story, spread culture and understanding. Maybe most importantly, aquire (as a photographer) culture and understanding.

I also respect fine art photography. It is done by the photographer for the photographer. It's no one else's business. Self-discovery and masturbation.

The wonderful thing about photography is that rarely is it only one of the above. Shooting a documentary about people? Portrature as well!

As for commercial photography, well... if it's done for the sake of money alone, it probably won't be any good. If there's more in it for the photographer, it has value.

Moral of the story? Not only does my opinion not matter (it's your life, live it as you may), the lines are so fuzzy that my opinion is uselss.