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Forgive me if I am wrong, but it looks like two of these picutures were taken either into the sun or with a very strong side light. (I'm juding by the shadows.) With an uncoated lens and even an impovised hood, would this tend to cause the very soft feeling and lack of harsh contrast? Either way, I really like these a lot, thanks for posting.
I noticed that too. I also checked the gallery and noticed that many other shots have similar "soft shadows". So I'm inclined to think that it does have to do, in part, with the uncoated nature of the lenses (wouldn't coating result in some degree of polarizing?).

But I did notice that some of the shots that included "sky" showed partly cloudy conditions....so maybe he did favor "supple" conditions?

Oh, btw, the shots and subject matter are great - as I watch the Copake countryside slip away into exurbian sprawl - I wonder how idyllic these shots are and how much they were "selectively rural"?