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André what you may have is a 70mm reel. If so, I would like to buy it if you want to sell it.

BTW 620 film is the same size as 120.
I'll post a shot of it side by side with a 120 reel as soon as I can, and supply you with as many measurements as you need. Judging by the height, 70mm sounds right. BTW, the width and number of "spiral" is identical to my 120 reels. Does $30.00 sound fair? Just kidding... :-) If it's in fact a 70mm reel, I'll give you a good deal (heck, I might even get a refund for it from the seller).

Just out of curiosity, which camera do you have that uses 70mm film? I've heard of hasselblad backs which use it, but have never seen one, or 70mm film for that matter.

And about the 620, I just mentioned it because it was the only odd size that popped into my mind at the time...