Just got my "new" Prinz Jet drum dryer from eBay today. First run of prints looked pretty dismal -- very pitted. After a couple of hours of polishing the drum with Brasso, I ran another print through. it's much less pitted, but there's still some pitting. I think I'll have to figure out how to pull the apron so I can bleach and wash it to get the crud off.

There's a more disturbing issue, though. In at least two or three small areas of each print, I see what look like the lines around a mountain on a topological map. These are hairline cracks in the emulsion that I only see when looking at the surface of the print in glare. Instinctually, I'm thinking it might be because the dryer is either too slow or the heat is too high, neither of which have any more than a toggle switch control. No budget left to get a different print dryer. I've gotta make this one work.

The prints are on Ilford Multigrade fiber paper, but I've also seen it on one Azo print I ran through.

Anyone know if too-high heat or too-long on the drum is the culprit? Anyone ever crack one of these things open and know how to (a) pull and replace the apron, (b) adjust the speed of the dryer or (c) adjust the heat of the drum?

Thanks in advance,