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I thought the Sugarloaf Festival was at Sugarloaf. What's with the Fairgrounds? (The Fairgrounds is only about 10 minutes drive from my house, but the traffic and parking situation there is awful.) I'd much rather drive up to Sugarloaf Mountain. I'll definitely come and see you in October.
These are craft festivals put on by Sugarloaf Mountain Works (headquartered in Gaithersburg). They have been having craft shows for about 27 years at the fair grounds. The name may come from the mountain however. As to traffic and parking it is bad. They can draw about 27,000 paid attendees perhaps more to these shows.

If you want to get an idea of what I will be showing you can check my photos in my Gallery. I have a large show in RI before this. So I am not sure if I will have as much for display. As things stand there will be about 25 + images of color Nature, Landscape, and Wildlife images printed from a big Chromira printer. Images will be printed as large as 30" x 37 1/2" (in Cyro AR OP3 high end acrylic) and one piece (24" x 30") in museum glass. All images will have been taken with Leica R series cameras and Linhof 4 X 5 cameras.

Look forward to meeting you.