I was born in Plymouth and lived for my first twenty four years a stone's throw from where Scott was born. Many of our local streets were (and still are) named after members of his last expedition and there are many buildings that carry his name - I work in the Scott Building of the University of Plymouth. When our local hospital opened its Postgrad Teaching Centre it chose a set of Ponting's prints to decorate the lobby - all very impressive enlargements of breath-taking quality, especially when one considers the materials and conditions he worked with.

A very good book is "With Scott to the Pole", which tells the story of the race for the first section and then reproduces the Ponting photos you'd expect and a wealth of others besides. The book I refer to is a large, thick, square format one, but another less ambitious volume exists with the same name (words only, if I remember rightly). I recently bought Ponting's descriptive work of the his exploits in cold places "The Great White South", but have yet to read it.

Our local museum has many items recovered from Scott's failed expedition, including his wooden skis, and wheels them out every five years or so for a small but fascinating exhibition. There is even a small packet of Huntley and Palmers biscuits that never got eaten and are undoubtedly well past their "Best Before" date by now!