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I had use of one a few years back. Are you place tihe print image side towards the drum? If so that is your problem. It goes face down on the canvas so the print will not be facing the metal drum. [...]
Hey... thanks for the speedy reply.

I am drying the prints with the emulsion toward the drum, intentionally. I want a high glossy finish. That's why I got the dryer.

Anyone out there got the the docs for this dryer? I know I can buy them online, but I'm both impatient and cheap. Does Prinz recommend against drying prints with emulsion against the drum? My dim recollection is that calling glossy paper "F" surface originates with the fact that the high gloss came from drying the prints with the emulsion against a "Ferrite" surface. Now, I don't know if the chrome drum of the Prinz Jet Dryer qualifies as a Ferrite surfice, but the high gloss from a fiber print dryer is what I'm after.