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I think most of the participants on this board are serious amateurs and as such can take whatever high road they wish, as their livelyhood is not dependant on the sale of their art. There's nothing wrong with their opinions it's what is to be expected.
I am not disagreeing with you or challengin your statement, eric, but I am even more confused. What is this high road you speak of. I am beginning to feel that lines are drawn in the sand for no reason.

By the way Donald, in what way was Michael's statement arrogant? And that very childish snip about Michael and his Zen comment from a different thread, where the heck did that come from?


The bold font that I will use as response to you is to separate my words from those of yours and for no other reason.

There are any number of ways to communicate a message. One can make a direct statement or one can make salacious cutting remarks. One needs to be aware of not only the content but also the container in which that content is delivered. I think that this particular message, while "wickedly cute" on the one hand, was underhanded and demeaning to those who choose to practice photography apart from a commercial emphasis. That is why I felt and continue to feel that the message as posted was arrogant. An arrogant person will exhibit certain behavior...but foremost within that behavior will be an attempt to set oneself apart from his fellows.

Now on to the Zen comment. Which was not childish in anyway. Michael has consistantly suggested that I might benefit from reading and practicing the precepts as found in the book "Zen Mind - Beginners Mind". HIs suggestions extend back a couple of years as my memory serves me. This is an excellent book, at least I have found it to be so for a number of years. I would assume that if I were wanting to promote it to others as being a wonderful basis for life that I would be a practitioner of the precepts found therein. The post that Michael initiated this thread with was not in keeping with any of the precepts. This is hypocrisy at the least. This hypocrisy is a further indication of an arrogant stance. (The inherent message contained in both the words and the behavior involved is that this is good for you, but I don't need it myself).

Perhaps you need to reread what has been written in total. It seems that Michael (Blansky) has taken an interpretation that someone said that commercialism was wrong for that particular person as a blanket indictment of commercial photography in total. I did not gather that from what anyone said in any manner.