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I have NO respect for paparazzi. Once again it's a character flaw. paparazzi-photography lacks style, content, and quality. Not to mention purpose. It exists merely for the sake of greed. I despise it.
.... the lines are so fuzzy that my opinion is uselss.
Last things first: NO, I disagree with the idea that your opinion is "useless". I value it - and I'll use to form some sort of framework of "you". Your opinion is certainly to be rated on an objective scale as "high" as mine. Why shouldn't it be?

Now ... Paparazzi ... In a former life, when I still had good knees and better feet...

After the "Princess Diana" tragedy, there was a panic-knee-jerk reaction directed toward ALL "Paparazzi". All of it was based on false assumptions - if anyone had ever been so engaged, the stupidity of the accusations were so obvious that it was difficult to argue against them.

One "High on the Scale Actor" was most vehemently denouncing Paparazzi. Their answer was to give him exactly what he said he wanted: they ignored him. No one to wait with a camera as he left the plane, no one to "catch" him coming out of a Night Club, or "Being Seen with ..."
It didn't take long for his PR people to react - there were numerous "leaks" and "Ooops - I didn't mean to let that information out ..." It was only after the violent attacks on them subsided, and things quieted down, that the "Pappa" once again returned, and the PR people could relax.

I know what the stereotype of Paparazzi is -- and like all Stereotypes, it is really inaccurate. The relationship is FAR more "symbiotic" than most of the RAMs would suppose it to be.

OK ... If you have a negative opinion of Paparazzi ... how do you feel about those who "do" Spot News?

Once upon a time ... There was an aspiring "Starlet", and the local guys were leaked the information that she would be walking down a certain Boardwalk, at a certain time.
The time came for the Starlet to walk, and she did - and at the proper place, "fell" out of the top of her bathing suit. Predictably, cameras clicked. She turned toward the guys and started her rampage ... "You guy are ..." Pappa #1 interrupted: "Damn camera screwed up - I didn't get anything." Papa #2 -"So did mine. Film advance problem", #3 - nearly the same....
The Starlet went back to the starting point and retraced her steps. Astoundingly, at the *same" spot - the *same* accident happened - she fell out - again. Once more - "Camera Problem ... no photos" - etc.
Once again she retraced her steps ... fell out ... and realized that, in fact, the cameras were more reliable than she had been led to believe. No rant this time ... just a lot of laughter.