Can you please tell how these were mounted? i have just bought one for some barrel lenses and my 4x5 and 8x10- all is still a mystery- mine will need new fabric as the paint is flying off when used and whilst the cloth is in great condition i can see daylight throughthe weave, also
i cant get it to trip to TIME- the INSTANT is fast and noisey! is there a trick in getting the lever to set over to the TIME- also- i cant see how to set the time on the large dial- i found your web info page a great help- and will follow it when changing the cloth over- have sent to my camera repair bloke here in Sydney0 so at least we'll both be on the same page- as to wood screws- i have found a great fastener supply shop in an industrial park near home- all the catalogues in the world and is willing to search- does however deal in boxes of screws etc- not a prob if you area hoarder for rainy days-- and cheaper MOB-- 0400 497 398- also TIMBECON- web and phone sales