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Just checked in on this... I was a Knapp today(!), for tasting and lunch with a group of over 30. It was very pleasant ... I bought the '04 cab franc. I a bit of a cab franc freak.

The '05 pinot is VERY promising ... after my barrel tasting at Hillebrand in a couple of weeks I'll see how deep a hole I've put in my credit card... maybe then I'll put away some of the pinot.

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If you are a fan of Merlot, we just bottled a very fine 04 that is the best I have tasted. We also have a Merlot crop on the vine, which isn't something that happens every year. This crop looks to be a very special vintage that will be ready in about two years.
By the way, while you were enjoying lunch I was working on my new darkroom. It goes sloooowly!
I haven't been into Finger Lake wines for a very long time and was unaware that you are now having success with Merlot and Cab Franc. I do remember the preachings of Dr. Konstantin Frank (?) back when I was a college student at SUNY/Buffalo.

Are these true French varietals or hybrids you're working with? Ditto regarding the Pinot?

Perhaps it's time for a trip out that way...