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I haven't been into Finger Lake wines for a very long time and was unaware that you are now having success with Merlot and Cab Franc. I do remember the preachings of Dr. Konstantin Frank (?) back when I was a college student at SUNY/Buffalo.

Are these true French varietals or hybrids you're working with? Ditto regarding the Pinot?

Perhaps it's time for a trip out that way...
They are having a great deal of success with French Varietals. You will find the Cab S they do will be somewhat lgihter, the Pinot isn't bad at all, and the other reds will be on the lighter side - but all good.

And of course, Reisling, Gewurtz, and the other whites are excellent.

I never went for Cab Franc - has a very sharp taste to me that I haven't become accustomed to.

But it is worth a trip, though the quality is improving, it is still somewhat uneven.