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[...] With NYS wines, I'm more familiar these days with North Fork offerings of true varietals - but limited land area (always under development threat too) means that production quantities will always be low - resulting in higher prices than I can justify for the quality. It is just a damn shame that the potential of the North Fork was only discovered in the 1970's - as the bulldozers were coming into to turn the old potato fields into subdevelopments!
I have heard good things about LI wines. Glad to hear it isn't misplaced. But don't think that wines here int he FL region are particularly cheap! Given the volumes they produce in, some is right up there with average California wine prices.

I will grant that the development pressures are much smaller than Long Island - since the urban belt from the North (Rochester and Syracuse) have lots of land to expand on to, and the populations are stable to falling (though the town of Victor in the SE of ROchester area seems to be expanding towards Canadaigua - a finger lakes city - and the area population surprisingly grew 20% in the last few years).

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More on the photog front - for reasons quite unexpected, I've just won a Hassey 503cxi and now have to figure out what to do with it! If not this autumn, perhaps if you guys out there do a springtime in the vineyards get together - I can join you with both 35mm and MF in hand?

I know I'm part "eastern NY" and part "evil downstater" but I graduated from SUNY/Buffalo so I know what a real NYS winter is!
If it were all up to me, it would be open to everyone - even "evil downstaters" (would love to compare a Hassy 503 with a 501 either way) - I am hopeful we'd even allow 315'ers!