I'm a new member to this site and so far found much interest here. I am hoping this does not turn into a "digital is satan" kind of forum.
I'm here because I use film and like to discuss issues relating to it, as well as general photographic technique. However, I don't see a reason to narrow-mindedly pigeon hole myself into an "analog only" niche.
Many of the great masters (most notably the grand poobah Ansel Adams) spent their lives diligently modifying and retouching their images, contrary to may purists of their day. They used the tools available to them then and there's no reason we would not use the tools available to us now.
To me the very thought of placing a limitation on artistic expression is an oxymoron.
I'm a great believer in using the right tool for the right job. I use a 4x5 view camera for most of my work to get the best neg/chrome possible, and I do use digital technology to process and print my work. I would challenge anyone who thinks that creating a fine art print using Photoshop is any less demanding or requires any less skill than traditional darkroom techniques. I will often spend hours and days agonizing over a drum scan to get it exectly the way I want.