I am more familiar with her commercial/fashion work before the war. The first image is very much in the vein of the dadist/surrealist movement of the 20s. She was very much a part of that crowd.

The rough opening in the tent/netting material is nicely juxtaposed by the rigid, square frame of what I assume to be a mirror hanging from the same mesh.

It's one of those images that I can see myself lying down in the tent or sitting there, noticing the random arrangement of elements and deciding to expose a few frames just to see how it would look on film.

Is there a deep meaning there? I suppose in a daydream surrealist way there is. The fun thing is the finding of such relationships in the everyday.

The second image just does not interest me that much. I guess because it encompasses emotions and feelings that I can get in any news magazine or paper today and since I am bombarded with it 24/7, frankly it just leaves me numb.