Actually, I'm all in favor of flogging "dead" topics. Those of us who love silver printing are probably going to be revisiting texts from the 1880's. It will be hard to resist looking for canned answers from the current experts, but I can't help be feel that, in the end, we'll all know and understand a lot more if we dig into the questions ourselves. Thanks for throwing your question into the ring. I'm getting back to work on silver gelatin emulsions tomorrow. When I had to leave off a month ago, I had just started pushing up the silver content, along with the NaCl and gelatin. My impression (subjective, but running toward certain) was that the higher the "octane" the more the whole print just glowed. I'm looking forward (to say the least) to seeing how far it can be pushed. I'll post my results here, and I would love to see the results of others. If we're going to reinvent (and improve!) the wheel, teamwork can't help but help.