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This picture looks like the outtake of a series of "ok kids, climb to the top and tumble down" series.

Unfortunately, if this was the best one, the shoot was a bust.

Despite the fact that Annabel Williams is a roaring success in the UK, doing lots of commissions and running group workshops at 250 per person and day, I must say I agree entirely with Michael. This shot was done on digital, which in a sense means there is even less excuse for having such poor poses from 2 of the 4 models. The picture I posted was from a magazine article, it did not say whether AW took assistants along on this shoot (who could have been the children's mother plus a friend), they were sorely needed, as one child has its head down and is unrecognizable, while the other in the foreground looks as if he/she has just been slapped hard. For AW to supply this pic for a magazine article and describe it as her all-time favorite is quite beyond my comprehension!