I agree, excellent choice. I've always been fascinated by Lee Miller and her life and her artwork. I'm surprised no one have had done a movie about her (based on a true story...).
The "Portrait of Space" is such a delicate composition and there's a contemplative mood in this photograph, like a poem without words - just emotions.
The SS Prison Guard is quite disturbing picture, I agree. It makes me think of the victims of the war and evokes an sort of empathy, despite how evil they've been in their previous roles. This beaten man seem to have waken up and facing a new reality and a new world. More disturbing to me is another photograph on Lee Miller site, showing a SS prison guard doing a Hitler salute from his prison cell. Telling me more of the fanatism that infected the nazis.
In general, I'm very fond of Margareth Bourke-White and Lee Miller's way of photographing the WWII, they managed to convey the horror and the sorrow that comes with the war.