There has been two assertions now that I'd like to know chemical explanation for, from those that know of these things, including of course Jim.

1. Water or stop bath(presumably acid) gives a grain penalty
2.Photoflo acts as a catalyst for developer.

In the case of the second assertion I take it that this applies if photo-flo is allowed to dry on the reel or is there still a danger if the reel is simply rinsed under a tap but not scrubbed with a toothbrush under hot water? Is it the case that photo-flo, diluted considerably as it is, still cannot be washed of simply by a quick rinse under a tap?

I have to admit that I usually use a toothbrush but only because I want to be sure of eliminating one of the suggested causes of film sticking when loading onto a reel. Now there may be a second reason as stated by Jim Noel

However I do wonder if I am being over cautious and have toyed with the idea of simply rinsing the reel. It's so easy to get caught up in taking the "just in case" route and adding to the process unnecessarily.

On the other hand should there be a basis for both assertions then clearly there are grounds for taking both actions.