On all my lenses, the distance markers are pretty close to whe the image is in focus. You might want to measure the distance to an object, and then check to make sure that the object really hits focus at the measured mark. All in all, I really don't like the 80mm, it's my least favorite lense. I've made some great images with it, but it just doesn't do a lot for me. I guess what I'm saying is that if it is the lense, I wouldn't spend much money on it. Pick up a nice 110mm f2.8 or the 150mm f2.8. Having a second lense would help you determine if it was the camera or the lense that was out of whack. If it's the camera, then you might have to get it serviced, someone might have messed it up. if the E is like the Super and Pro, there is a small release button inside the lense mount. Pushing this button lets the focus screen come out through the lens mount. You might need to make sure the screen is installed correctly. Then you will have to see if the mirror is in the right place. I think there are little rubber cushions on each side where the mirror rests, if those are worn or gone, you might get this same focus problem and it will mess with all your shots.