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Hi M,

What are you after? The stile of printing of Corbijn? I don't think he printed his own work, actually. I think it are just straight Lith prints on Sterling Lith or maybe Oriental. The blue series are probably toned in goldtoner.

Jaap Jasn
Corbijn used to let his printing be done at Downtown Darkroom in London. It doesn't exist anymore, but their lab is now used by Silverprint. I believe the typical lith look of Corbijn was achieved by slightly sepia toning the print after the lith process. Something is mentioned about this on this page:

Downtown was one of the first black and white art-orientated labs labs to emerge in the 1970's, and made full use of the top-quality papers then emerging, notably Agfa Record-Rapid and Brovira, which were just being relaunched into a new quality conscious market. Mike Spry, one of the original partners in Downtown was one of the first printers to nail down 'lith' printing in half tone, and as far as we know actually discovered its use with Oriental Seagull paper. Mike is still working at no 12, but is now mainly concentrating on large prints (20x24" plus), principally on fibre-base paper.