Yes, but Mr. Crabbe also seems to have decided to run photo paper through an INKJET PRINTER (if I am reading what Aggie posted correctly).

That alone deserves a smack!

I don't think anyone here has a problem with Lightjet or Frontier prints. I use Frontier myself. I shoot analog, just have the negs developed, then scan the negs. This saves me $$$. If I just want a print, I crop and touch up in Photoshop, burn to CD and have a bunch of prints made. I can get them done in bulk on a Frontier for just a few bucks per 8x10 that way.

Now, if I want a REALLY GOOD print....I mean an ART print, I have it done by hand on fibre paper at the shop. It is VERY expensive. But the quality is amazing and the print should last a VERY long time. I also like the softness of fibre.

Point being, I use what works and fits the situation. Mr. Crabbe on the other hand seems to be of the "Film is dead" school. Digital is the future! Burn your Deardorff now!

Well this isn't true. Film cameras still outsell digital. Film sales are still very high, and film is a very valid medium. It always will be. Especially with B/W.

I just don't have any truck with those who say otherwise.

Besides that Crabbe REALLY needs to find a vision. I agree with Jorge. This isn't to say I am any better or anything. But at least I don't try and sell my trite crap. In fact I have maybe 2 or 3 images that I would even CONSIDER selling and only one that I have. All are better than what Crabbe is selling.

And I suck!