yeah, it seems that the infinity at 2.8 are in focus, the shots where I stopped down a lot are in focus but I think that shots that are close at 2.8 or maybe 4 as well are somewhat soft but focus gets better as I get closer to inifnity. I believe that's what's happening. So you say mirror or ground glass? I don't figure there's anything I can do myself is there?

I checked it out last night and I dont' see anything that's glaring at me as obviously off though I'll definitly check it again. I looked at the mirror and it just rests on one prong when it comes back down.

Ahhhhh! I just looked at it again and it looks like the ground glass is slightly lower on the left side when looking at the camera! I hadn't noticed that before. I know people mentioned about trying to take it out but this camera isn't supposed to be able to have changable gg's is it?

And about thinking I might put the lens on incorrectly, I didn't realize that you didn't have to fit the little groove around the metal peg outside the lens while you were putting it on. I didn't realize that as you twist the lens on it will fit itself in haha. Shows you how much I've taking that lens off.

Anybody think they may be able to throw together some checks and possible solutions to getting this thing back up there? I'm also not sure which side should move; I don't know if the right should come down or the left should go up. I just would really love to keep it out of "the shop" where I would have to pay somebody to do something like this unless it's really necessary.

Thanks for your help everybody!