Thanks for the info.
Last year when I was in Scotland I had the impression Jessops B&W film was Tura, which is Agfa material. Right now I use Ilford Pan 100 and 400 as 30 m rolls in bought in Slovenija, just feels like FP4+ and HP5+, the same developing times and negatives just print the same. I've only seen these Ilford Pan 100/400 films in east europe, but never in GB or Germany.
Two weeks ago I tested some outdated east german film Orwo NP 20, you get the grain of 400 Speed films at a speed of 80-100 ASA. So I rather stick to Efke 25 or 50 I bring with me, very fine grain but not so high resolution. I use a developer I found on the site unblinkingeye, the formula of Perfektion XR-1, I can use 100 ASA on Efke 25 and 200-250 on Efke 50/Ilford Pan F+, developing 15 mins at 20C. (Alright, I'm not famous for shadow details)javascript:emoticon(':whistle:')

A good source for Efke films is in Berlin, should be cheaper than Lotus view Camera, their Classic Brand seems to be Forte. Everytime I'm in Berlin I pay them a visit for Photopaper or some left over Orwo/Calbe chemicals.
I never really liked the new Kodak 3200, but in Calbe A 49 results are pretty good, the fine grain allows at least some resolution. (Diluted 1:2, 30 mins).
Please notice Calbe is still alife and doing pretty well with their chemicals, developers etc. still the same formula, which was sold under the brand Orwo in GDR. Fotoimpex sometimes have old chemicals with the old Orwo logo on sale but also stocks fresh Calbe chemicals.

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