Iíve got a fogging issue that has me stumped! I hope someone can help me with it. I just set up my recently acquired Nova Quad processor and both times I have used it the paper has ended up fogged. I bought it used on eBay, it was dirty, but is in working condition.

Slot 1 is filled with Zonalpro HQWarmtone mixed 1+10. Paper is in slot #1 for 2 minutes.

Slot 2 is Kodak Indicator Stop Bath mixed 16ml to 1 liter of water. Paper is in slot #2 for 15 seconds.

Slot 3 is Ilford Hypam Rapid Fixer mixes 1+4 with water. Paper is in slot #3 for 1 minute before inspection, then another minute.

Both times, I have been using Ilford Perl RC multigrade. I have bought a second box, and it is doing the same thing as the first. Nova is set to 70f.

Under the safelight, the paper comes out of slot #1 without any noticeable fogging. The borders look clean white. The fogging is taking place in either slot #2 or slot #3.

My next steps are to dump all chems, and try new fresh dilutions of them. (all bottles were new prior to first printing session three days ago.

My question is, could there be some sort of chemical contamination of my Nova? I donít know what processes it was used for originally. Could color chemistry has permeated the plastic? I gave it a thorough cleaning when I got it with warm water and Tetnal tray and tank cleaner.

Or, could it be a safelight issue? I donít want to change too many things right away, and I am thinking it couldnít be the safelight since the fogging is taking place after the development slot.

Stumped in San Jose,