Interesting. Film is dead, digital is king, Crabbe used up an entire package of paper trying to prove it, and came up empty. Just for grins I looked at his website, and basically it's mediocre. One shot is an almost direct copy of the cover of Popular Photography from last year, and too many of the others look like he simply copied the framing techniques of other better photogs. Blah. I bet most people right here on APUG throw away better work than what I saw there. My approach is the usual... take the "snap" on film, print it on paper, and then scan it and burn a CD. It works. It sounds like this "professor" needs to come down from his ivory tower, learn some humility and rejoin the real world. He also needs some basic lessons on the proper use of different materials and media. There is room for traditional and digital both, but too many of the anti-film folks really annoy me with their superior attitude. Too bad some of his students will take his word as Gospel.