john - take an example from the zone system...
ilford says that fp4 records -1.5 stops more of the low values. that is true by my expiriance (but a very good lenses are very important here, and then those values will be usable). so u actually start from here. now the development...
first of all - it should be or rodinal or pmk-pyro(which will help u more to make the low values usable).
on rodinal u should reduce the development by 25% at least. then put it for short time in selenium to make it more crisp (but not too much time since the high values will go too far).
all this will bring your zone 9 to about the zone 5/6 and the zone 5 to about zone 3. and if the exposures where "good" and the lenses were good u will have the extra 1.5 stop in the low values (vissible beyond the negative base).
grade five on condenser head and the ilford mg paper. expose the paper to about the full black (or one step higher) and see if the contrast is good enough. if not than the high contrast developer for paper is recomended (u know the fotospeed two bath developer, so u can use only that with the high grade).
than of course the deluted selenium (1+19) for about 5-10 min.
other option is lith print if that what u want.
any way - the idea is to make a low contrast negative, which will be printed on very high contrast way.
the print cannot be enlarged big of course because u will loose contrast in higher magnification.